bSundry Tech Support

Technical support is available for active clients with a paid with bSundry WebAgent services plan. Support is available 24/7 for website outages or email issues. No tasks are accept verbally or via text message. Support tickets are emails. If it's important enough to get done, then it's easy enough to send an email. Further, emailed tasks get done. Support requests, or emails, are usually replied and/or completed with 72 hours. Most clients have their respective WebAgents` cell phone and can call or text in a pinch.;


Who`s Your WebAgent?

One-off projects or hourly billing is also available. Updates and support for websites not built by a WebAgent, or not on the Joomla platform, are ill-advised. Consulting on website development and online marketing consulting services are available with a custom quote. The minimum hourly rate for off-service tasks is $135 per hour and most projects have a four hour minimum. There is a large knowledge base (KB) available for reference and learning about website development and online marketing. The knowledge base also includes links to tools and applications for website maintenance and WebAgent services. 
TLDR: Texts and calls waste time. Emailed tasks get done.

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Send support emails to:
Who's Your WebAgent?